Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Can Wait

I can't help but feel like I rushed motherhood with my last three children. Not purposely and not in a bad way but in the way that you're always waiting for them to grow into their next stage. Waiting for them to reach that next developmental milestone. With all of my other children I could have been overheard saying the following;
I can't wait until he starts smiling. 
I can't wait until he starts crawling. 
I can't wait until he's talking more so we can understand him better. 
Won't it be so much better when he's walking. I can't wait until he's walking. 
I can't wait until he's taking less naps 
I can't wait until he is potty trained. 
I can't wait until he gets that next tooth. 
I can't wait until they're a little more independent. 

So many times I've said I can't wait. I've 
spent a lot of time looking, waiting, and expecting them to reach the next stage. Sometimes you want them to reach the next development because it's exciting to see them grow and be able to accomplish new things; things like riding a bike and learning to read. And other times it's because the phase your in is rough and it seems like you'll never make it out. Like you need more than what it's going to take to get through that stage or perhaps I have irrational fear that my child won't reach that next phase. Things like sleeping through the night and potty training fall into this category for me. 

But having a 12 year old and a newborn really helps to put things in perspective. When you spend too much time waiting for them to get to that next phase you miss part of the joy and being in the moment of whatever phase they are in. And too often this is what life is like. Hurrying just to get to the next thing, to move up the ladder in life, to move at such a fast pace just to get to what is next in life that maybe sometimes we miss the moments, the lessons, and the beauty that we would be able to see if we just appreciated where God has us at the moment. 

So I'm trying really hard right now not to rush motherhood. To be able to wait for the next stage and appreciate the one that they're in. I've already caught myself but as I get ready to send my oldest to Jr. High I realize I can wait. I can wait for the baby to sleep through the night, I can wait for the 4 yr old to start kinder at my school, I can allow the first grader to learn at how own pace instead of rushing him through, and I can definitely wait for the oldest to get any older. Because before I know it they'll be starting high school, learning to drive, getting married and starting their own families. So I'm trying really hard to enjoy them right where they're at and for who they are because God really only gives them to us to raise for such a short while. And the truth is I'm extremely fearful that I am a mom of littles and will be completely clueless as to how to parent teens....
Maybe I'll reread this post then so I can try to enjoy raising four teenage boys ;) 

       May I remember how exhausting it can be to have a little one but how sweet it is to nap with and cuddle them. He's such a sweetheart. 

My house is invaded with Legos. Literally, I'm constantly stepping on them, vacuuming them up, they've been known to get into the garbage disposal, and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. Legos are currently more important than schoolwork.....(to him)

       Getting wet in your batman underwear and socks is a great source of entertainment when you are a 4 yr old boy. We're lucky he kept his underwear on.....

       Not too old to be silly! 😎😜