Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Moms Really Want

What do mothers really want for Mother's Day? It is the one day a year, where everyone stops to celebrate mothers. The day is all about them and they are pampered, showered with gifts, cards, and attention. But are mothers getting what they really want on Mother's Day?

This post will most likely resonate with mothers of young children. And after reading this you will either 1) think that I am the most selfish mother that you know, 2) totally agree but most likely wouldn't admit it to anyone, or 3) you can relate but not really because your children are angels or older and not requring quite the same demands that younger children may need.

On Mother's Day...... my husband will most likely make me a fabulous breakfast, write the sweetest note in a card that he has already bought, buy me flowers,  make my kids be nice to me, and cater to my needs for the day. I know it sounds fabulous. And honestly it is! But I think there are some things that Mothers would love to have and they are inexpensive and overlooked.

Once again, maybe this is just for those moms who have little ones still at home. But how many moms would love to have just 30 minutes of peace and quiet. And I'm not talking about nap time because anyone with little kids knows nap time is the time you wait for all day that is short and sweet in which there is a lot to accomplish such as make dinner, clean up, do laundry, pay bills,or make phone calls. I am talking about real alone time where you can read a book (one without large pictures and print), sit in the sun, journal, or just do nothing. Hey this could be 30 minutes of talking to a friend or family member on the phone. Seriously, maybe it's just going to the bathroom without someone pounding on the door or slipping their little fingers underneath.. Uninterrupted alone time can be priceless........especially when you're a mom.

Okay so I know how the sayings go......Messy Home equals Happy Kids, Excuse the Mess My Children Are Busy Making Memories, etc. It's not that I don't agree it's just that most moms I know ARE happier when their house is in some type of order and fairly tidy. However, between making meals, cleaning up after meals, tending to childrens' needs, doing laundry, working, attending sports/recreational activities, and other social events there can be little time for cleaning house. I'm sorry I have to admit, I LOVE a clean house! But I have had to recreate my defniition of "clean" in order to squeeze in all my other motherly duties and so that my family wouldn't have to listen to my constant nagging. But how many mother's would love to wake up to a clean house on Mother's Day......without having to do any of the work herself? And I don't mean a tidy house, I mean really CLEAN like when the floors are mopped and you can't see dust on the endtables or TV screens. Maybe it's just me but a clean house would rank right up there with a diamond necklace, okay most people who know me know I don't even like jewelry but you get the point. A clean house would be a pretty awesome gift!

When your hubby or your child writes in your Mother's Day card, I am sure that they will thank you for being the best mommy ever. And I am more than sure that it is sincere. But what I think many moms would like to be thanked for are all of the things that we do daily that go unnoticed. For cleaning up puke, for getting up for the third time in one night due to bad dreams or nursing babies, for preparing and planning most meals for the week, for folding and putting away laundry, for ensuring homework gets turned in on time, for trying to figure out the best way to discipline and praise her children......All of these things moms do just because it is our job. But most moms I know would love to hear that all of these little things do not go unnoticed. Aren't there things that you do as a mom that you  just feel go completely unnoticed? I bet if someone said thank you for that "unnoticeable" something it would be one of the best gifts received.

This is usually one gift that I do get to receive on Mother's Day. Although I am convinced mom's need it about once a month. My husband becomes the mommy on Mother's Day and it is fabulous! For one day, to not have to cook, clean, make decisions, or meet everyone else's needs. To not be in charge of anything for a day is fantastic. I love being a mom but being a mom is a hard job and just like with all jobs, sometimes you just need a day off.

Okay so this seriously might just be me. Most people don't enjoy running errands. Being able to go to the grociery store, Target, or the post office without getting kids in and out of carseats and without listening to the persistent whining of what kind of treat they want is about as peaceful as it gets. I know I can't be the only one who runs out to Target or the grociery store at night when their hubbies get home just to get a little bit of quiet time for the day. Don't tell my husband, although I'm pretty sure he already knows.

I think last but not least what is important for moms is....girl time. A good old fashioned GNO, is always a fresh breath of air from motherhood. The only other thing I find more refreshing is a hot bubble bath with the door locked. My friend and I have discussed how nice it would be to get away for Mother's Day. However, it's Mother's Day so of course we want to spend time with our families and our children. But there is that small part of us that would love to just get away from it all......a real day off from the demanding job of being a mom.
    Now, if  you've read this post and think that I don't enjoy being a mom and don't consider it an honor to call myself a mother than you've misunderstood. I love my children, have prayed for them to come into my life, and have made many changes to be able to have more time with them. But I do find it to be an exhausting job that requires some rejuvenation time every once in awhile. So this Sunday, I will enjoy letting the hubby be the mom for the day. I will not cook or clean and I look forward to a great family day. However, I am not lying when I tell you that  I am also looking forward to next weekend ...........  when I will enjoy a girls only trip - 2 days of rest, shopping, laying out at the pool with a good book, and some good old fashioned "girl talk".