Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bye Bye " To Do" List

Lately, I 've been thinking about the dreaded "to do" list.

I create a list of all the things I need to do and as I'm writing them down I inevitably think of more chores and duties that  need to be tackled. And I keep adding until my "to do" list is now at least two pages long.  Seriously,  I start jotting things down that I KNOW have no chance of getting done anytime soon. And I'm not sure why I do this, but I also begin writing down things that I KNOW I'm already going to do. Things like....complete Carson's schoolwork, charge the IPAD, make lunches. I'm not sure if that's just so I can cross things off or so that I won't be utterly defeated by the "to do" list because at least something on it will get completed. And why do I have to write down ALL of the things that I have to do? Because if I don't write them down, of course I will forget them. And often the "to do" list begins to take on a mind of it's own. It starts separating itself into different lists and categories. For example, errands to run, notes to write, things for school, calls to make....until the "to do" list is like a mini novel. Little sheets of paper everywhere on my desk so that when I try to figure out what I'm supposed to do, I can't even find the right list.Or there's always the fact that I lose my list. ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, today I'm tired of feeling like the "to do" list is getting the better of me. Tired of feeling as if I'm defeated before I even begin. And today the list has manifested itself into at least 3 or 4 because I'm returning to work tomorrow.  Returning to teaching with a 7 week old in addition to homeschooling my first grader and all the other working and stay at home mom duties, I've just decided to heck with the to do list........I'm going to write a "DONE" list.

And you know what? My "DONE" list is not so bad.


  • Helped the 1st. grader write about an invention he'd like to create. Watched him draw a detailed picture to go with his writing. Also, taught him place value and listened to him read a book he wouldn't have been able to read a few months ago. DONE!
  • Taught the 4 year old how to read words in the -at family. He was reading words! DONE! 
  •  Washed, dried, and put away two days worth of cloth diapers. DONE!
  • Washed 3 more loads of laundry. DONE!
  • Nursed a baby.......I figure I do this between 3-4 hours a day right now. DONE!
  • Rocked a baby many times. DONE!
  • Showered and got dressed. Hey, it counts for something on these busy days. DONE!
  • Made and cleaned up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. DONE!
  • Completed some of my bible study and finished a novel. Hey, that's when the 3-4 hours of nursing comes in handy. DONE!
  • Trip to Target. DONE!
  • Got 3 kiddos bathed and asleep by 8:30. DONE!
  • Prepared for my work day tomorrow. DONE!
  • Balanced our checkbook. DONE!
And guess what the list of things I didn't get to or didn't get done is still pretty long. There are many many things I need to do tomorrow and in the following days. The first grader still has a History project we need to work on. I have tons of prep to do for lesson plans next week. Our clothes are clean but the rest of the house......well it's not. But such is life.

 I taught my kids, loved on them, took care of their basic needs, tended to household chores, and even worked a little. I think maybe us mommas need to start focusing on what we are accomplishing in the day and stop feeling defeated by the "to do" list. So many of us are always looking towards what we need to do next that we forget to look at all we've accomplished. And often times, the most mundane can be the most important.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Evan's Arrival

I have been trying to get this post up for 2 weeks.....But along with having no time, I really haven't had the words. Which just feels so weird for me. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or how busy I've been or maybe it's just that there are no words.....So instead of trying to find the right words, I just put some pictures on the blog. Maybe the right words will come later....

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant this last time! I can truly say I was able to enjoy the miracle that God was allowing to happen in me. And even at the end when sometimes it was hard to eat or things got a little uncomfortable, I just felt so incredibly blessed and grateful. There were many nights when Evan's little kicks, flutters,and hiccups would keep me awake because I just didn't want to miss out on any of it. I had often felt after Landon that I was too old to have more children and yet this was my best pregnancy. And there was something about being older that made me able to appreciate it more than the others.

This is a picture of Curt & I walking the neighborhood after my water broke. My sister took this picture about midnight, about an hour after my water broke. Curt is always a supportive birthing coach. Most husbands would be rushing their wives to the hospital if their water broke.  When I said I wanted to walk to increase contractions.......he walked. When I said I didn't want to go to the hospital yet....he waited. When I got in the shower and I probably should have been going to the hospital.....he timed contractions. When he could tell my contractions were closer and stronger......he suggested we  at least get closer to the hospital (which was a good thing or Evan may have been born in the car).  When the cord was around the baby's neck twice and Evan was a little blue.....he never said a word or appeared like he was worried.

This is a text message from my friend. I was glad I had this to look back on because when you're in labor, it is hard to remember time. So I enjoyed looking at our text messages. My friend lives about 2 hours away and I was keeping her posted so she could get here in time for Evan's birth. This is crazy to me because the message was at 1:43 and Evan was born at 2:56.......

I know this seems weird but I LOVE seeing when they wheel in the baby bed. There is something so exciting about knowing that you are going to meet your baby soon. It's also a reminder that labor is almost over.

This is my friend Jennifer coaching me at the end of my labor. She has been there for 3 of my 4 children's births. I have been there for all 3 of her children's births as well. She has held every one of my children within the first minutes or hour of them being born. There are no words to describe what she means to me as a friend. She brings such a sense of peace and calmness.  She is an amazing support and labor coach. In this picture, I was at the very end of my labor. We knew the nurses were going to have to deliver the baby and I just felt at peace knowing he was going to be here soon.

This is my younger sister who has been there for 3 of my children's births. During this picture she is sitting on the floor "hiding". She comes because she's my sister and she loves me but she is not one of the coaches...LOL. She was a little nervous. I like having her there, even if she's not sure if she wants to be there ;)
I love that my sister caught this picture during labor. Jennifer was giving me her hand for me to squeeze.

Evan had the cord around his neck twice and he was a little blue. It took them a little bit to get him breathing and so I wasn't able to hold him right away. He was my first baby I wasn't able to hold right away. This is where the nurse handed him to me for the first time.

There is no other feeling than holding your baby for the first time. Every time.....tears.

This is my big sister holding Evan for the first time. This was the first time she was able to be there when I delivered. It was so special that she was there for the whole thing. I will never forget how nervous she was when I went into labor. So funny to think she's the tough one. Curt and I still laugh at how when we told her my water broke and she walked into our room all dressed with her tennis shoes on as if we were going to the hospital right then. She was so excited! But we didn't leave for 3 more hours. She was so nervous on the way to the hospital, I don't think she realized she was sitting in Landon's car seat the whole way there.

Daddy holding baby for the first time. Love this!

Jennifer holding Evan after delivery.

Landon meeting Evan for the first time. He is so excited to be a big brother.

Carson meeting his brother for the first time. Carson LOVES Evan. He has loved him since he was in my belly and he is loving on him still!
Going home! Landon's no longer the baby....



One month old already! He is already growing so fast and changing so much. I am just trying to remember it all and capture the special moments, no matter how tired I am, because I know it all goes to quickly.........