Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wrapping Up A Year Of Courage

The best word to describe a year full of healing, changes, and growth. None of the things that are happening in our lives now are what I planned or envisioned for this past year. The past 12 months has brought so many changes; an illness that took a little bit of my husbands overall health, financial difficulties due to 2 parents being out of work, a new job, a baby on the way, a new dog, preschool for the youngest, and homeschooling my 6 yr.old. I don't know if I can pinpoint another year in which our lives have experienced so many changes. But in the same way, I can't think of a time where we just had to let it go and truly learn to be thankful for the blessings in our life. Even though every time we turned around it seemed as if there was another roadblock in our way, the surprises that came our way brought healing and joy. I didn't plan on having another baby or getting a job outside the home or homeschooling my middle child. But all of these things have been the sweet to a bitter year. 

And as I look back on the word God chose for 2013-Courage, I can not help but think it was the only word that was right for me. Courage to heal from loss of a baby,  courage to help care for 3 children while your husband regained his health, to pray & have faith for other family members experiencing tremendous health and hardships, courage to fail and succeed in so many areas in my life and the courage to accept the bad and embrace the blessings. The courage to have faith and not get in the way of God's plans for my life. And the hardest one of all- the HOPE.  

So now I look towards a new year, searching for a new word; a word that will help me make decisions, inspire me to be a better mother, wife, and friend, a word that will help guide my life. Never again will I make New Years resolutions; empty promises to be broken within the first week, or unattainable goals that bring on guilt like a freight train. Instead I'm searching for that one word to weave it's way into my life. 
So what's my word?
I have one in mind but I'm desperately searching for another...... 
Still praying on it. But I'm sure once it's been chosen, it will make it's presence known in so many parts of my life.....